Christina Erato Zymvragou Psychologist PhDc

PhDc/MSc Medical School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)

BSc Psychologist, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)

Remote, CET +1

Christina Erato Zymvragou specializes in working with anxiety disorders and bioethical issues.

She is an experienced Psychologist and Certified Cognitive Behavioural Clinical Hypnotherapist that has been in practice since 2013 working with clients face to face in Hannover Germany and globally with clients in Europe, UK, Canada ect via Video Calls.

Christina has focus her work on people and human attires by continuing her studies by getting certified (executive diploma) in Health Care Management, a master’s degree in Criminal Law and Addictions, a master’s degree in Bioethics, a post graduate certificate in Gestalt therapy and Gender identities, Art Therapy, Coaching, Sexual Education, Adult training, Psychological Frist Aid ect.

After so many years Christina continues with the same enthusiasm as a PhD candidate at the Medical School at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki while specializing in cognitive- behavioral therapy.

During her 20+ years of being a student, volunteering and 10+ years of professional experience, she has helped people with anxiety symptoms, panic attacks, mental illness, addictions, parents and couples, adolescence, bioethical issues, employees in large companies, seminars and webinars in various topics etc.

Her clients are either Greeks from Germany (immigrants or born abroad) and people speaking Greek, English or Italian who reside all around the world (such as the European Union, UK, USA, Canada, the United Arab Emirates ect).

Psychotherapy is a very personal agenda that is provided upon each client's needs. She is able to adjust each case based on her wide range of specialization.

Her goal is to help people live a conscious, happy and fulfilling life, teach them ways to manage difficulties by making conscious choices and take control of their lives. The therapeutic relationship is based on empathy, trust, respect and goals that will be set together according to patients’ needs.

Emotions are primary information that combined with the methodology of a more logical way of thinking happiness is a conscious decision that you can make today.